Oil & Gas Reinvented Community

Offshore Energy | 28.10.2014 | RAI Amsterdam
This meeting focused on promising initiatives like the European Horizon 2020 program, the Dutch Topsector Energy and Germany’s Industry 4.0 project.

The aim was to identify concrete opportunities for collaborative innovation and to form Joint Industry working groups.


16:30 Welcome and coffee
16:45 Introduction – Mart van Bracht, Director Energy at TNO
17:00 Horizon 2020 –Paul Verhoef, EU-representative, head of unit ‘Renewable energy sources’
17:20 Industry 4.0 – Ulrich Loewen, Siemens Corporate Technology (CT)
17:40 Closing plenary session and introduction to working groups – René Peters, TNO
18:00 Working groups (drinks and snacks to come along)
19:00 Closing