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Game Changers in Oil & Gas

We want to achieve the next level: under the banner of “Game Changers in Oil & Gas” we want to get active and assign clear tasks to everyone who is committed to contribute proactively.

In the evening program a select group of presenters will give inspiring speeches illustrating new collaboration models, introduce startup companies as promising business model, and give an insight on innovation and partner models in the aerospace industry.

Another highlight will be an exclusive interview on Mr Yuri Sebegts, CTO of Shell.

The meeting will end with a walking dinner, providing an ideal opportunity for exchanging ideas and fruitful discussions. 

Date: 18.02.2016
Time: 13:00 -21:00
Location:    Airborne Center, The Hague, the Netherlands
  How to get there?

   Active Afternoon session
Word of Welcome, Safety Instructions
Mr Jan Prins, Director Business Development for Oil & Gas, Siemens NL
   13:10 Introduction of new working group - CCUS (Carbon Capture, Utilization and Storage)
Mr Maurice Hanegraaf, TNO

Working Groups / Round table sessions
Robotics, Digital Oil & Gas field, LNG for transport, Offshore Energy, CCUS (Carbon Capture, Utilization and Storage)

Game Changers in the Industry
Mr Raymond Wentink, Managing Director, Singa

Going Digital - Evolution or Revolution
Mr Chris Pennington, Siemens PLM
   16:45  Wrap up / Feedback of working groups

Snacks and networking

   Evening program

Mr Ab van der Touw, CEO Siemens Netherlands

Startup as new business model to speed up innovation
Mr Frans van de Ven - Director Airborne

New collaboration models
Mr Vincent Oomes, Deloitte

Innovations, Business and partner models in the Aerospace Industry
Mr Lluc Diaz, European Space Agency

Questions on Mr Yuri Sebregts, CTO of Shell
Moderator: Mr Horst Fischer, Vice President Oil & Gas and Marine, Siemens AG

Closing Remarks
Mr Horst Fischer, Siemens AG
Walking dinner, networking
   21:00 Closing

Game Changers in Oil & Gas
Dear Community Members,

We want to thank you all for your proactive contribution in the Oil & Gas Reinvented Community. Your interest and your strong attendance made our last event “Game Changers in Oil & Gas” become a great success. 

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