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The Future of Carbon Capture Utilization and Storage

While the power sectors is making a transition to sustainable energy rapidly, the chemical and process industry will be relying on fossil fuels for many decades to come. One of the key solutions to the required reduction of carbon emissions from our energy supply in Europe is Carbon Capture, Utilization and Storage (CCUS).

Post combustion capture has been promoted to reduce the CO2 emissions to air from fossil fueled power plants significantly, but until now no full scale demonstration plant has been built.

Why has CCUS not been implemented on a large scale until today? Can CCUS find its way into to chemical and process industry in the near future? What is needed to create an industry pull for this technology?

At this seminar, views will be presented from the policy perspective, the industry and academia perspective. International Energy Agency (IEA) from Paris will present the global picture of CCUS and the long term challenges.
Shell and Uniper will add the industry view and what drives their business decisions in relation to CCUS. AVR will present their ambition to realize a circular process in waste incineration processes.

A panel, consisting of governmental, industry and academia representatives will discuss the challenges Europe is facing to realize the CCUS ambitions.  

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13:00 -21:00
Meeting Center New Babylon, The Hague, the Netherlands
  Address: Anna van Burenplein 41a, 2595 DA The Hague, The Netherlands | How to get there?

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   Active Afternoon session
Word of Welcome, Safety Instructions & Status Working Groups
Mr Rene Peters, Director Gas Technology, TNO
   13:10 Overview of CCUS technology development
Mr Earl Goetheer, Principal Scientist Gas Treament, TNO

Presentation of the Workig Group Offshore Energy
Mr Joris Koorneef, TNO

Working Groups/round table sessions
Robotics, Digital Oil & Gas field, Offshore Energy and CCUS (Carbon Capture, Utilization and Storage)
Note: "LNG for Transport" will be paused temporarily. 

   16:15 Wrap-up Working Groups
Mr Rene Peters, TNO

Snacks and networking

   Evening program

Welcome & Safety Instructions
Mr Paul de Krom, CEO, TNO

Global perspective on CCUS
Mr Guido Magneschi, Global CCS Institute

Pilot demonstrations in the Netherlands - Energy Hub West
Mr Hans Schoenemakers, UNIPER

Pilot demonstrations in the Netherlands - Circular Economy in waste incineration
Mr Sietse Agema, (AEB)

Global Implementation of CCUS, the next steps
Mr Tim Bertels, Global Implementation Manager CCS, Shell
Panel discussion on the future of CCUS in NL and Europe
Policy: Mr Sander Oosterloo, Ministry Economics Affairs the Netherlands
Economics: Mr Tim Bertels, Shell
Stakeholders: Mr Hans Warmenhoven, de Gemeynt
Technology: Mr Mart van Bracht, TNO
Moderator: Rene Peters, TNO
   19:30 Walking dinner and networking

   21:00 End