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System Integration in Offshore Energy
On 27 October 2016 it is time for the next Oil & Gas Reinvented event.

The theme this time will be “System Integration in Offshore Energy”.

How can smart integration of the existing offshore energy infrastructure enable the transition to a sustainable energy system?
The European climate objective – 80 to 95 percent reduction of greenhouse gas emissions in 2050 compared to 1990 – requires significant system changes.
It is often underestimated how far-reaching the energy transition from fossil fuels to an energy supply largely fed by renewable energy sources actually is.
Looking at the North Sea for example, what are the options to provide the countries that surround it with energy from very large-scale production of off-shore wind energy?

At this seminar, views will be presented from the policy perspective, the industry and academia perspective.
In the afternoon the working groups Offshore Energy, Digital Oil and Gasfield, CCUS, Robotics and Young Professional will reconvene and discuss their progress. Furthermore, the group of Young Professionals will present their innovation ideas and awards will be presented for the 3 winning ideas.

A panel, consisting of experts from different backgrounds will discuss the opportunities and challenges the existing offshore Oil & Gas infrastructure will face over the next decades. The event will end with a walking dinner, providing an ideal opportunity for networking and exchanging ideas. 

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Date: 27.10.2016
Time: 13:00 -21:00
Location:    Shell Technology Center, Amsterdam, the Netherlands
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   Active Afternoon session
Word of Welcome, Safety Instructions & Status Working Groups
Moderator Jan Douwe Kroeske

   13:10 Presentation Project Offshore
Miralda van Schot, Scientific Energy Analyst Energy Delta Institute 


Presentation Oceans of Energy
Mr Allard van Hoeken, Founder Oceans of Energy and COO The Ocean Clean-up

Working Groups/round table sessions
Digital Oil & Gas field, Offshore Energy, CCUS (Carbon Capture, Utilization and Storage)
and Young Professionals
   16:15 Wrap-up Working Groups

Snacks and networking
Meanwhile explore a 3D Animation of project IABR "North Sea an energetic odyssey"
   Evening program

Welcome & Safety Instructions
Mrs Marjan Van Loon, President Director Shell Nederland

Presentation The North Sea from an offshore wind perspective
Mr Jasper Vis, Countrymanager Dong Energy The Netherlands

Presentation Perspective on offshore energy integration
Mr Berend Scheffers, Director Technology EBN

Presentation KPMG Innovation Factory
Mr Han Gerrits, Partner KPMG - Innovation Factory /Professor at Vrije Universiteit 

Awards Young Professionals - The North Sea Challenge
   19:15 Reflection about: How will the North Sea become a sustainable/renewable energy field?

Floris van Hest, Directeur Stichting Noordzee
Freija van Duijne, President Dutch Future Society Strategic Foresight Practitioner Future Motions
Dirk Sijmons, prof. em., senior advisor H+N+S Landschaparchitecten.

   20:00 Remarks by Jan Douwe Kroeske

   20:10 Walking dinner and networking
Meanwhile explore a 3D Animation of project IABR "North Sea an energetic odyssey"

   21:00 End