Oil & Gas Reinvented Community

Past events

System Integration in Offshore Energy
Location: Shell Technology Centre, Amsterdam

On 27 October 2016 it is time for the next Oil & Gas Reinvented event. The theme this time will be “System Integration in Offshore Energy”. How can smart integration of the existing offshore energy infrastructure enable the transition to a sustainable energy system?

The European climate objective – 80 to 95 percent reduction of greenhouse gas emissions in 2050 compared to 1990 – requires significant system changes. It is often underestimated how far-reaching the energy transition from fossil fuels to an energy supply largely fed by renewable energy sources actually is.

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Location: Meeting Center Babylon | The Hague

Why has CCUS not been implemented on a large scale until today? Can CCUS find its way into to chemical and process industry in the near future? What is needed to create an industry pull for this technology?

At this seminar, views will be presented from the policy perspective, the industry and academia perspective.
IEA will present the global picture of CCUS and the long term challenges. Shell and Uniper will add the industry view and what drives there business decisions in relation to CCUS. AVR will present their ambition to realize a circular process in waste incineration processes.

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Game Changers in Oil & Gas
Location: Airborne Center | The Hague, The Netherlands

We want to achieve the next level: under the banner of “Game Changers in Oil & Gas” we want to get active and assign clear tasks to everyone who is committed to contribute proactively.

In the evening program a select group of presenters will give inspiring speeches illustrating new collaboration models, introduce startup companies as promising business model, and give an insight on innovation and partner models in the aerospace industry.

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Next steps for the Energy transition | 4th Reinvented Oil & Gas Community Meeting
Location: Shell Technology Center Amsterdam, Grasweg 31, Amsterdam

Beside an introduction of the innovation program on System Integration and the new R&D call in the Topsector Energy we will share some practical experiences of oil and gas operators with connecting their oil and gas operations with renewable energy sources. Participate in our Community Network and discuss on the challenges with a focus on system integration with the objective to learn about opportunities for collaborative innovation.

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Offshore Energy 2014
Location: RAI Amsterdam

This meeting focused on promising initiatives like the European Horizon 2020 program, the Dutch Topsector Energy and Germany’s Industry 4.0 project.

The aim was to identify concrete opportunities for collaborative innovation and to form Joint Industry working groups.

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Shell ECO Marathon
Location: Ahoy Rotterdam

As part of Shell Eco-Marathon the main topic for this event was

“Mobility – cleaner transport for a cleaner future”.

In Shell Eco-Marathon over 200 European student teams compete in designing, building and testing ultra-energy-efficient vehicles.

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Oil & Gas Reinvented Building Event
Location: Siemens Headquarters, The Hague, the Netherlands

“Are yesterdays innovations in oil and gas the key to a reliable, efficient and sustainable future energy supply for the coming decades? What technology will help us to keep oil and gas available and affordable? And how can we ensure that they are an environmentally and socially acceptable part of the energy mix?”

Main topic for this first event was “Ongoing innovations for a sustainable future”.

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